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Download the latest CarPort-Installer here. The installer also contains drivers for most of the supported diagnostic hardware.
Administrator privileges are required for the installation.

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (each 32- and 64-Bit)

English, German

CarPort 2.2.18

Current Release-Version
Date: 03/29/2016
Size: 65.9 MB

Download this version, if you have not used CarPort before or you want to update from an older version.


CarPort 2.3.0 beta7_2

Current Beta-Version
Date: 11/13/2017
Size: 65.5 MB

This is a BETA-Version. A (re-)activation of the software is necessary.

  • Windows 7 or above required
  • Basic Settings (UDS)
  • Output Tests (UDS)
  • Slave-Coding (UDS)
  • Completely revised ODX implementation
  • New ODX-Dataset including MY2018
  • Support for CAN-Bus 2.0B / 29-Bit-Identifier (AutoDia K509)
  • JSON-based format for label files (Measuring Blocks, Adaptation, Coding, Basic Settings, Output Test)
  • ECU descriptions for Auxiliary Parking Heater (18) and Parking Brake (53) (KWP1281/KWP2000)
  • Measuring Block Descriptions for many KWP1281 and KWP2000 ECUs
  • Converter for VCDS-compatible label files
  • Label File Template Generator
  • GUI greatly revised
  • Support for High-DPI-Displays
  • Support for Byte-Field-Parameter for Adaptation (UDS)
  • Session-Type Selection (UDS)
  • Basic Settings: Skip to next block (KWP1281)
  • Fixed problems with sequential output test (KWP1281, KWP2000)
  • Fixed many other bugs

Important notice: This version contains new functions which may be bugged.


Changelog Version history

Display new functions and bugfixes.

Archive Download older Version

You can download an older version of CarPort here if your license does not permit using the latest version.